Sunday, January 15, 2012

Free Online Documentary - The Fabric of the Cosmos

If Youtube, PPT, Tudou and all the other online video crap isn't enough for you, try this: It is just a place that gathers some online documentaries. I was sad when I saw that its Economics section really sucked, with its main focus on financial crises, collapsing economies or run-away companies. No wonder people have such a negative view about the study of Economics!

Nonetheless, the website has some cool videos. It is like how I like to shop around in physical shops, because many a times, I don't know exactly what I want (my utility function is really fuzzy and unstable). Browsing through certain sections can lead me to other interesting stuff that I wasn't looking for initially. There are some interesting videos about history, psychology, philosophy, science, and many others.

There is an interesting documentary about physics This is the youtube link, but I got it from the previous website that I mentioned. I once read the book by the same author (Brian Greene), but I did not manage to get through the entire book. Had to get through my Master's thesis back then. 

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